Welcome to Dave's Technical Journal

In this journal, I write articles primarily about learning and using PowerShell, though my focus will largely be dictated by the technology du jour that has piqued my interest.

Recent articles

Windows Forms

4 minute read


Recently, I was tasked to provide a GUI for a PowerShell script. Okay, I think I tasked myself, but it was an interesting foray into the .Net [System.Windows...

How I Implement Module Variables

6 minute read



Originally, I used globally scoped variables for one of my modules to keep track of session data, but now I use a module variable.

ForEach-Object -WhatIf

3 minute read


While working on my PoShDynDnsApi module, I came across an issue…I checked out the ForEach-Object and saw that it supports -WhatIf and -Confirm parameters.

How I Blog

9 minute read



What technologies are used in my blog?