I have considered myself a systems administrator or systems engineer for several years. I have designed the implementation of, and performed the management of, a variety of applications and technologies over the history of my career.

Much of my time has been focused on the Microsoft technology stack, from Windows Server and Active Directory to Exchange and Azure, and many points in between.

In the early part of 2019, perhaps a few weeks before, I began to realize that I am not just a systems person —

I am a developer.

I have not yet written in C# or another high-level language (more than “Hello, World”), but I see that happening in my future. I mean, even now, I use a lot .NET framework classes in PowerShell.

When I first looked at Visual Studio in 2013/2014, it seemed too complex for my PowerShell scripting, so I stayed with PowerShell ISE.

Fast forward a few years to the release of Visual Studio Code, and I was sold. It felt like it was the right “size” for me and how I code.

Around the same time I started using Code, I also began using Git because Code made it easy.

In 2018, I created my GitHub account and my journey down the path of learning CI/CD officially began.

I hope you find my posts informative and entertaining.

Feel free to check out my projects on GitHub.